The Mooney PFM panel was part of the development package. The standard flight instruments were supplemented with state-of-the art engine management gauges, radio stack and dual electrical bus.


With no vacuum driven instrumentation, the KI254 artificial horizon is powered by the electrical bus with a separate power supply from the right hand battery providing redundancy.


The engine instrument cluster was built by Transicoil and provided very accurate digital and analog readout of engine parameters.  The layout provides a neat and easy to read display of engine revs, fuel flow, fuel quantity, oil pressure, fuel pressure, cylinder head temperatures, fuel pressure and oil pressure.  Differing from the usual panel instrumentation seen in GA aircraft, there is no need for manifold pressure, given the automatic fuel air mixture provided by the induction system.  Separate gauges provide voltage, alternator output and load for each electrical system.


The radios in many installations included King or Narco radios and KNS80 flight management system.  A King KAP150 autopilot, or KFC150 with flight director, supplemented the avionics stack.


The power bus and circuit breakers provide dual independent management of the electrical system. In the event of failure of one component, the right and left bus can be joined through a circuit breaker.


Central in the panel is the single lever power control, "the towel rail".  Gone is the prop and mixture control, a huge advance in general aviation engine management. 

 PFM panel

Mooney PFM panel  Single power lever

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