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Reformatted 11/94



Revision 1



November 15, 1960




Engines of models described herein conforming with this data sheet (which is a part of type certificate No. 7E2) and other approved data on file with the Federal Aviation Agency, meet the minimum standards for use in certificated aircraft in accordance with pertinent aircraft data sheets and applicable portions of the Civil Air Regulations provided they are installed, operated and maintained as prescribed by the approved manufacturer's manuals and other approved instructions.


Type Certificate Holder Dr. Ing.h.c.F. Porsche K.-G.


Federal Republic of Germany

Model 678/4


Type 4H0A 1.98:1 reduction gearing Rating

Max. continuous, hp., r.p.m. at 70-4500-S.L. sea level pressure altitude Takeoff (5 minute), hp., r.p.m., 75-4600 at full throttle

Fuel (Min. grade aviation gasoline) 80

Lubricating oil Oil Grade HD-Oil

Ambient air temperature,

SAE 30: Above 32°F

SAE 20: 32°F to 5°F

SAE 10: Below 5°F

Bore and stroke, in. 3.248 x 2.913

Displacement, cu. in. 96.4

Compression ratio 9.0:1

Weight (dry), lb. 250

C.G. location

From front face propeller flange, in. 16.674

Right of the engine centerline

(facing from engine to propeller), in. 0.196

Above crankshaft centerline, in. 0.59

Propeller shaft, SAE No. 2

Carburetion 2 Pallas-Zenith carburetors, Type 36 NDI X F

Ignition, dual Scintilla-Vertex or OKF 4L 10 magnetos


Battery dual ignition with two (2) Bosch ZV-JAM 4R

distributors and two (2) Bosch ZS-KAM 12/4 mW

ignition coils.

Ignition timing, °BTC 0

Spark plugs Champion REH 35B

Lubrication Dry Sump


NOTES 1,2,3

7E2 2

Certification basis CAR 10. Type Certificate No. 7E2 issued October 18, 1960. Application for Type Certificate dated June 4, 1959. Each engine and any replacement parts manufactured in the Federal Republic of Germany must be designated as "import" and clearly labeled as such in accordance with CAR 10.30. Each individually imported engine must be accompanied by a Federal Republic of Germany Certificate of Airworthiness for Export signed by a representative of the Luftfahrt-Bundesant containing the following statement: "The engine covered by this certificate has been examined and found to comply with U.S. Civil Air Regulations Part 13 dated June 15, 1956, including Amendments 13-1 and 13- 2, and conforms to TC 7E2."

NOTE 1. Maximum permissible cylinder head and oil inlet temperatures:

Cylinder Head Oil Inlet

414°F 248°F

NOTE 2. Pressure limits - normal operation:

Max. Min.

Fuel inlet pressure, p.s.i. 3.23 1.47

Oil pressure, p.s.i. 66.0 29.4

NOTE 3. The following accessory drives are provided:

Maximum Torque

Direction of (in. -lb.) Maximum Overhang

Accessory Rotation* Speed** Continuous Static Moment (in. -lb.)

Starter C 12:1 . 220 63

Generator C 1.8:1 18 40 .

Tachometer drive C 2:1 . . .

* "C" - clockwise

** Speed - times crankshaft r.p.m.