Mooney M20L PFM 3200 Engine 1988 


 Model Name

 Porsche Aviation Engine PFM 3200 (Models N01, N02 and N03)

 T03 certified Turbocharged Version

 Part number prefix 933 

 Number Built

 About 80

 Build Dates

 1981-1990 (Approx.)


 PFM 3200 N03 engine used in Mooney M20L


 The engine was developed by Porsche in 1981.

Development based on the engine used in the Porsche "911" sports car


 Single control lever

 Automatic mixture and pitch control 


 6-cylinder boxer engine

 2 overhead camshafts, gear driven





 Max Power209 hp (156 kW)at 5300 rpm

 Max Economy167 hp (125 kW) at 5000 rpm


Max Power 217 hp (162 kW) at 5300 rpm

 Max Economy 174 hp (130 kW) at 5000 rpm


 95.5 mm


 74.4 mm


 N01 9.2:1, N03 10.5:1, T03 8.5:1.

 Fuel System

 Bosch K-Jetronic

Automatic correction mixture for "best power" and "best economy"

Two electric fuel pumps plus emergency fuel pump


 Two ignition systems

Electronic control and trigger. Magneti Marelli.

 Spark Plugs

 Bosch WB 4 DTC


 Dry sump lubrication

Oil tank capacity 6.7l, oil capacity 12.7l.

 Power Supply

 Two generators, mechanically driven independently

24 V, 35 V, 55 V or 70 A


 Magnesium casing

Torsional vibration dampers between the crank shaft and gears

 0.442:1 reduction 



(or MOGAS DIN 51600 S for PFM3200N01)


 Mobil 1.  Aviation oil not approved

 System weight

 200 Kg including injection, ignition system, exhaust system, oil cooler and tank

 172 Kg basic engine weight 


 973 mm / 854 mm / 610 mm (without exhaust)

Length: Width: Height

 Exhaust System  

 Exhaust pipes (exhaust gas collector)

Silencers and heated air heat exchanger


 Very quiet and economical flight engine even as a turbo version.

75.4dB on takeoff.


 FAA Type Certificate (TC)

No. E23NE issued August 30 1985

 TC Applicant

 Dr Ing.h.c.F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, Weissach Germany


This data is based in part on information published by the USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is represented as being accurate as of March 23, 2007.  

Further detail has been obtained from Mooney M20L Pilot Operating Handbook (Rev B 1995) published by Mooney Aircraft Corporation and public domain websites.


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